(Meet our Board of Directors)


Christine fields

Some say she’s the founder of this nonprofit, but for her? She feels like she’s just following the Spirit within her. And the actual founder, creator of this idea is God.

She’s the one mostly caring for and nurturing the plants. Making runs to the food pantry. The one behind social media posts. If you see hands in a photo, they’re probably hers. So when she makes a post and in the words, it’s not we, but I, that’s her. (Whoa. That was a lot of pronouns.)

Christine is part of our Board of Directors, and a stay at home Mom of two young children. In a former era of life, she worked as a CPA, and although she still holds the certification, the only accounting she does these days is taking care of a home based business and the financials for this nonprofit. The difference is now? She doesn’t pay herself for it. It’s funny how our former selves can help our present selves.

We’re not much for titles, although the bank and lawyers always want us to have some. She calls herself the “chief dirt mover”. Because moving dirt is what we seem to do most.

Her life, like most, has had a series of really high mountain peaks and the lowest of valleys. Ones so low she didn’t think she’d ever make it out of them. But, she did, through family, friends, and faith. Because she believes in Jesus, and all that He has done for us, her greatest intention is to be a conduit of that light as best as she can. And try to show His glory and grace. She feels she gets a lot wrong. She missteps. But it doesn’t seem to deter us, as she also believes God will use our mistakes and bring some good out of them. She wants to help. And as her church teaches in its high views : God loves, and we try. So here she is. Out here trying to be love.


sean fields

Sean is the husband to Christine and father to their two rambunctious children.

When Christine approached him about what had been placed on her heart, and she drew a little picture, he looked at it over the dinner table and said very confidently, “I think we should do it.” No questions asked. And then he quickly turned to the kids and said, “What do you guys think?” And the kids screamed back, “YES!”

They had no idea what they were saying yes to, but they were saying it. They did know, though, if Food + Grace was going to come into being, they all had to be on board. And this was only the first of a series of yeses they’ve made together for the sake of growing food and reaching out to people.

Sean is part of our Board of Directors. And again, we aren’t much into titles around here, but if he had one it would be Support Builder. Because he is endless support and encouragement to keep on going, and the builder of every crazy idea.

During the weekdays, Sean can be found at work as a Director of Mobile Development at World Ventures. He also runs a 3D Printing and Modeling side business, out of the house, called Project 842.

It's always been in Sean's heart to help the homeless, hungry, or those down on their luck. If that was a meal, when he saw a sign asking for help, he provided a meal. But he didn't just provide food or money or water, he also provided dignity by asking the person their name. Stopping the busyness of the day, seemed to mean more than whatever else he gave someone. Which got him to thinking, if we can create a place where people are known, could we help them change their reality? And the only answer he came up with was "we have to try".


aubyn fisher

Aubyn is a long time friend of Christine’s. She was one of the first people who popped into mind when looking for members to add to our Board of Directors.

She is not scared of getting her hands dirty. Not in the actual dirt. Or in reaching out to help others. She’s our go-to in times of crisis, as she is trained in both rape crisis and suicide prevention.

As the rest of us, she has had a life that has run the gamut of plentiful to challenging. These experiences have led her to use her down time to ensure others have the essentials. When asked if she’d be a part of the board, she enthusiastically said yes, with no hesitation.

As an atheist, she’s proof that we can all work together for a common cause, no matter our backgrounds. We believe that our differences make us stronger and we are absolutely better together.

During the day, Aubyn is a forensic accountant, movie buff, knitter and cross stitcher, and looks after three turtles.

Again, not being into titles around here, we don’t have them. But if we did, she’d be Scope Keeper. Helping people sometimes gets complicated, and we like to stay in our lane, so to speak, and offer suggestions for anything outside of it. She keeps us on track and within our scope. As good accountants do. Because all of our decisions aren’t made, until our whole Board is one and united.