Food + Grace
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Give a Crop. Help Fight Hunger.


Getting responsibly grown food to those in need is good.

We don't want to stop there, though. We want a place for people to connect, too. Whether that's in a community garden, a group of people committed to growing food and not lawns, or across a table. It's about relationship. It’s about working together. That’s the long term goal.

Right now? We grow plants in containers, raised beds, and even vertically to maximize small spaces. We use organic fertilizers, organic pest control, and even “drinking water safe” garden hoses to maximize the health of the plant. It also keeps our pollinators happy. Through our social media posts we try to show the beauty of creation. When the produce is ready to be harvested, we hand it over to local food pantries that help connect us to people who are in need. Because when we're still waiting on the big things, we get our hands dirty and serve in the small things.